Former MLB Pitcher Trevor Bauer Faces Additional Sexual Assault Accusation

15/06/2023 à 22:20:44

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Former MLB pitcher Trevor Bauer faces a fourth sexual assault accusation, intensifying the ongoing legal battle surrounding him.

Former Major League Baseball (MLB) pitcher Trevor Bauer is facing a new allegation of sexual assault from a fourth woman, as revealed in court documents obtained by ESPN and USA Today. This accusation comes on the heels of Bauer's release by the Los Angeles Dodgers and subsequent suspension for violations of the league's domestic violence and sexual assault policy. The latest accuser claims that Bauer raped her, choked her to unconsciousness, and held a steak knife to her throat in December 2020. Bauer has denied these allegations and responded with a countersuit, accusing the woman of fraud and fabrication.

The fourth woman, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, detailed the alleged assault in a lawsuit against Trevor Bauer. According to the court filing, she claimed that Bauer held her at knifepoint and subjected her to physical harm. The woman further alleged that Bauer choked her unconscious with her own hair during a subsequent encounter, where he also raped her. The incidents purportedly left her bedridden with pain in her scalp, neck, and head. In her lawsuit, she is seeking $3.7 million in damages and an apology on behalf of all women allegedly mistreated by Bauer without their consent.

No criminal charges have been filed against Bauer in relation to these allegations, with the Scottsdale police listing the case as "inactive." It is worth noting that during Bauer's arbitration hearing, Major League Baseball (MLB) interviewed the woman but did not use her testimony.

In response to the accusations, Trevor Bauer's legal team filed a countersuit, asserting that the woman fabricated the pregnancy and engaged in fraudulent activities. The suit alleges that she demanded $1.6 million from Bauer to terminate the pregnancy, a claim that Bauer's attorneys maintain was recorded. According to the countersuit, Bauer denied the payment but offered support for her decision and eventually paid her $8,761 for the "alleged pregnancy and its subsequent termination."

Bauer's lawyers further contested the woman's claim that Bauer confronted her in March 2021, providing an audio recording to refute the accusation. Throughout the legal proceedings, Bauer's legal team has pursued aggressive strategies against all the accusers and has initiated lawsuits against media outlets over their handling of the allegations.

Following his release from the Los Angeles Dodgers, Trevor Bauer joined the Yokohama DeNA Baystars in Japan. His departure left the Dodgers responsible for the remaining $22.5 million owed to Bauer, representing most of his salary from the final year of his three-year, $102.5 million contract. Despite being an accomplished pitcher and available for the minimum MLB salary, Bauer did not receive offers from any of the league's 30 teams for the 2023 season.

Since joining the Baystars, Bauer has made seven starts, accumulating a 4.00 ERA, 56 strikeouts, and 10 walks in 45 innings. However, he faced a demotion to the team's farm system for an "adjustment start." It remains to be seen whether his stint in Japan will impact how MLB teams view Bauer and whether he will have an opportunity to return to the league in the future.

The recent sexual assault accusation against Trevor Bauer marks the fourth allegation levied against the former MLB pitcher. The legal battle between Bauer and his accusers continues, with both sides presenting contrasting narratives and pursuing legal actions. As the case develops, the future of Bauer's professional baseball career remains uncertain.


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