California Governor Gavin Newsom Addresses Population Decline and Defends the State's Economic Outlook

15/06/2023 à 14:01:18

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California Governor Gavin Newsom addresses concerns over the state's declining population and defends its economic outlook, urging Americans not to underestimate California's potential.

In an exclusive interview on "Hannity," California Governor Gavin Newsom responded to concerns over the state's declining population and defended its economic performance compared to Florida. With a budget deficit of nearly $32 billion and a decrease in population, Governor Newsom conveyed optimism and urged Americans not to underestimate the potential of the Golden State.

Addressing the issue of California's declining population, Governor Newsom emphasized that the state had experienced a drop of 117,552 people between January 2021 and January 2022, bringing its population back to the levels of 2016. He noted that 18 states across the country also witnessed a decrease in population during this period. Governor Newsom further stated that, on a per capita basis, more Floridians moved to California than vice versa, countering the notion that California was losing its appeal.

California attributed its population decline to various factors, including reduced birth rates, decreased immigration, increased deaths, and people relocating to other states. However, one persistent concern contributing to the exodus from the Golden State is the high cost of living. Governor Newsom acknowledged this issue, highlighting California's state income tax rate of 13.3%, contrasting it with Florida's absence of a state individual income tax. He emphasized that the top 1% of Californians shoulder a significant portion of the state's tax burden.

Governor Newsom defended California's economic performance, characterizing it as the "temple" of the U.S. economy. He highlighted that the state's economy had outperformed the national average by 3.1% over the last decade, and he refuted claims of major companies abandoning California, deeming it insignificant. Governor Newsom pointed out that half of America's billion-dollar-valued companies were based in California, emphasizing the state's thriving entrepreneurial environment. He asserted that California had a GDP growth rate of 7.8% in 2021, contributing to its trajectory to become the fourth-largest economy in the world.

Despite the criticism and challenges California faces, Governor Newsom expressed his love for the state and urged Americans to remain open to its opportunities. He called upon people not to dismiss California's potential and highlighted the state's job creation and operating surpluses. Governor Newsom concluded by asserting, "Don't count us out."

Governor Gavin Newsom addressed concerns over California's declining population and economic performance in an exclusive interview. While acknowledging the state's challenges, he emphasized California's economic strength and called it the "temple" of the American economy. Despite the population decline and budget deficit, Newsom conveyed optimism and urged Americans to recognize the opportunities and potential that California continues to offer.


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