Oakland Athletics Fans Stage "Reverse Boycott" Amidst Proposed Move to Las Vegas

15/06/2023 à 13:49:16

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Oakland Athletics fans stage a "reverse boycott" in protest against the team's proposed move to Las Vegas, expressing their opposition and urging the ownership to sell the franchise.

In a display of unwavering loyalty and passion for their beloved team, Oakland Athletics (A's) fans gathered at the Oakland Coliseum to stage a unique protest dubbed the "reverse boycott." This event came just hours after the Nevada state Senate took a significant step toward approving the A's relocation to Las Vegas by passing a bill to fund the construction of a new stadium. Despite the potential move, A's fans turned up in large numbers to voice their opposition and urge the team's ownership, particularly John Fisher, to reconsider their decision.

As the A's took on the Tampa Bay Rays in front of a packed Coliseum, fans made their discontent clear by donning signs expressing their opposition to the proposed relocation. Many signs featured pleas for the owners to "sell" the franchise, emphasizing the potential negative consequences such a move could have on the Oakland community. Signs bearing messages such as "sabotage" and "Vegas Beware" further conveyed fans' concerns about the team's future.

Throughout the game, passionate chants of "Sell the team" resonated throughout the stadium, underscoring the frustration and disappointment felt by the fans. Additionally, numerous supporters wore green T-shirts boldly displaying the word "SELL" across the front, symbolizing their collective demand for a change in ownership's decision. The atmosphere at the game resembled that of a playoff crowd, demonstrating the extent of fans' dedication and love for their team.

Despite the emotional turmoil surrounding the team's potential relocation, the Athletics continued their impressive run on the field, securing a hard-fought 2-1 victory over the Tampa Bay Rays, the best team in baseball at the time. The win marked the A's seventh consecutive victory, further fueling the enthusiasm of the home crowd. Manager Mark Kotsay commended the fans' energy and described the atmosphere as indicative of the true potential of the Oakland Coliseum.

Athletics designated hitter Brent Rooker acknowledged the overwhelming support from the fans, highlighting the deep-rooted passion and attachment they have for the city and the team. The players drew inspiration from the electrifying energy in the stadium, which propelled them to deliver an outstanding performance.

In a dramatic conclusion to the game, as Athletics pitcher Trevor May recorded the final out, disgruntled fans vented their frustration by throwing trash onto the field, an unmistakable gesture highlighting their anger toward team owner John Fisher. This act further emphasized the intensity of their opposition to the proposed move.

In a commendable display of community spirit, the Athletics raised $811,107 through ticket sales from the game, which will be donated to the Alameda County Community Food Bank and the Oakland Public Education Fund. This gesture reflects the team's commitment to giving back to the city that has been its home since 1968.

The Athletics have entered into a binding agreement with Bally's Corporation and Gaming and Leisure Properties (GLPI) to construct a new stadium in Las Vegas. The venue, expected to seat approximately 30,000 spectators and attract 2.5 million visitors annually, is contingent upon approval from Major League Baseball for relocation and the passage of public financing legislation.

The "reverse boycott" staged by Oakland Athletics fans at the Oakland Coliseum demonstrated their unwavering dedication to the team and their strong opposition to the proposed move to Las Vegas. Despite the Nevada state Senate's recent approval of funding for the new stadium, the fans voiced their concerns, urging the ownership to reconsider and emphasizing the potential loss to the Oakland community. As the team's future remains uncertain, the passion displayed by the fans serves as a testament to the enduring bond between the A's and their loyal supporters.


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