Buffalo Bills Coach McDermott Addresses Concerns over Stefon Diggs' Absence

15/06/2023 à 13:19:20

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Buffalo Bills coach Sean McDermott expresses concern over Stefon Diggs' absence from practice, but remains confident that the issue will be resolved internally.

In an unscheduled post-practice news conference, Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott provided clarification regarding his concerns over wide receiver Stefon Diggs' absence from Tuesday's practice. McDermott expressed his worry about Diggs' nonattendance, stating that whenever a player is absent from practice for any reason, it raises concerns.

McDermott emphasized that his concerns apply to all players, especially someone as crucial to the team as Stef Diggs. The coach explained, "I get concerned when players miss for reasons off the field, for reasons on the field. Whether it be they're injured or whatever it is. That's just how I am. So, when I say very concerned, I'm very concerned because of the situation with one of our players, and it was something that we needed to work through."

According to McDermott, Diggs complied with the team's requests by reporting to the team facility on Monday and undergoing a physical examination. He also attended meetings on Tuesday, where a productive conversation took place, leading to the decision that some space was needed. McDermott granted Diggs permission to take some time off and then resumed discussions after practice.

The coach opted to keep the details of the conversation and the individuals involved within the team. Diggs did not address the media on Wednesday, but McDermott expressed confidence that the issue would not become a distraction moving forward. It's worth noting that Diggs has not held a news conference since the regular season concluded.

Bills quarterback Josh Allen revealed that he spoke with Diggs on Tuesday and anticipates further conversations to resolve the situation. Allen expressed his support and affection for Diggs, highlighting their strong bond and emphasizing the importance of the wide receiver to the team's success. He stated, "He's my guy. Excuse my ... I f---ing love him. He's a brother of mine."

Allen acknowledged that the absence of Diggs was not ideal, expressing his desire for the receiver to be present and highlighting the need for improved communication. The quarterback conveyed his belief that they would address the situation and ensure Diggs returns as the valuable Buffalo Bill he is meant to be.

Both Allen and pass-rusher Von Miller conveyed their love and support for Diggs, who has served as a team captain for the past two seasons. They downplayed his absence, considering it to be early in the NFL calendar. As a result, the Bills canceled their final minicamp practice on Thursday, following the same course of action as the previous year.

Trading Diggs would come with significant financial implications for the Bills. The wide receiver signed a four-year, $96 million extension last offseason, with $31.1 million in dead money if he were to be traded. His contract includes $70 million guaranteed, making it the third-largest guarantee for a wide receiver in NFL history. When the deal was signed in April 2022, Diggs and the Bills envisioned him retiring with the team.

Diggs' production waned during the second half of the 2022 season. While he started the year on track for his best statistical season, his numbers dipped in the subsequent nine games, including the playoffs. Despite this decline, McDermott affirmed the importance of getting Diggs involved in the offense and recognized his significant contributions to the team's energy and overall performance.

The Buffalo Bills will continue to address the situation with Stefon Diggs internally, aiming to resolve any concerns and ensure a successful future for both the player and the team.


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