Fable Reboot Trailer Faces Backlash Over Character's Appearance, Dividing Fans

13/06/2023 à 14:28:55

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The Fable reboot trailer faces backlash over the appearance of the stand-in hero character, dividing fans between those disappointed by unrealistic beauty standards and those excited for the franchise's revival.

The highly anticipated revival of the beloved Fable franchise has stirred up a whirlwind of excitement among fans. After more than a decade, Xbox has finally offered a glimpse into the wacky and inherently British world of Albion. However, despite the overall positive reception, the recently released Fable reboot trailer has faced an unexpected backlash from some viewers who criticized the appearance of the stand-in player character. This article delves into the controversial response, clarifies misconceptions, and highlights the ongoing excitement surrounding the forthcoming Fable game.

The Fable reboot trailer has become a lightning rod for controversy, with a significant number of dislikes registered on various uploads of the video. At the time of writing, the trailer ranks among the most disliked videos from the Xbox Games Showcase. It's important to note that these dislikes primarily stem from viewers' dissatisfaction with the appearance of the hero character briefly shown in the trailer.

Amid the backlash, critics have voiced concerns about the character's attractiveness, arguing that the design is unappealing and not aligned with their expectations. Some comments on YouTube and Twitter express disappointment, suggesting that the character models in previous Fable games were known for their attractiveness. However, it is worth noting that Fable's character design has always veered toward a more realistic and quirky style, with no emphasis on conventional beauty standards.

Another misconception that has gained traction among certain viewers is the assumption that the trailer confirmed playing exclusively as a female character. However, the developers have never stated this limitation. Since Fable 2, players have been able to choose their character's gender and customize various physical attributes. Considering the advancements in role-playing games (RPGs) and the expectations for customization options in modern games, it is reasonable to assume that Fable will offer a wide range of character customization.

The character featured in the trailer is likely a stand-in and has not been given a name yet. It is important to remember that this trailer was a mere teaser, offering a glimpse into the world of Albion rather than providing an in-depth look at gameplay and character customization. The hero's appearance in the trailer may not accurately represent the final design players can expect in the game.

While the trailer attracted a significant number of detractors, it is crucial to highlight that a substantial portion of the fanbase is still eagerly anticipating the release of Fable. Most non-online-brain-poisoned viewers have expressed excitement and enthusiasm for the revival of the franchise. The disappointment lies in the fact that the teaser did not reveal substantial details about the game, leaving fans craving for more information. However, there is a general sense of optimism that regular updates will be provided in the coming months, alleviating the wait.

The Fable reboot trailer has reignited interest and anticipation for the long-awaited return of the franchise. Although some viewers have criticized the appearance of the stand-in hero character, it is important to understand that Fable has always possessed a unique and quirky art style that embraces realistic character designs rather than conforming to conventional beauty standards. With the promise of customization options and continued updates on the horizon, fans eagerly await the opportunity to dive back into the fantastical world of Albion.


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